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Dear gallery owners, dear publishers,

Welcome to this very first Dijon fair dedicated to contemporary art.

To send us your application, all you need is to complete the form below.
The art world is vast, which is why we have chosen to accept applications only from galleries, publishers and art foundations.

8 / 9 / 10
Octobre 2021
Parc des expositions in Dijon

Art Fair / Dijon

Dijon Contemporary Art Fair will take place for the first time from the 7th to 10th of Octobre 2021 in Parc des Expositions et Congrès de Dijon. There will be a Preview and Vernissage the 10th and it will be exclusively reserved for invited guests only.

Before starting to fill out the formula, please make sure that you have 20 minutes ahead of you and that your pictures do not exceed (2 Mo per picture).
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Or any other document proving the date of creation of the company.

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Mandatory fees

Communication kit :

  • The KIT com includes 4 catalogs, 4 exhibitor badges, a media kit (paper posters and digital newsletter for your customers).
  • 30 vernissage invitations valid for 2 people.
  • 50 day pass valid for 2 people.

160€ HT or 192€ TTC (refundable if not acceptance of your application).

The invitations and days passes will be sent by email. If you wish to get the invitations and days passes in paper and sent to you, please contact us directly: maria@art-fair.fr

Your gallery in the official catalog :

  • A double color page in our catalog.

160€ HT or 192€ TTC (refundable if not acceptance of your application).

Total = 320€ HT
Additional double color page in our catalogue
page × 250€ = 0 HT


Application fees :

  • The application fee is 200€ HT, 240€ TTC but for this first édition the fees of Art Fair Dijon are offered to all of our exhibitors !
  • The applications will be studied only after receiving the 1300€ of deposit.
  • Incomplete files will not be studied.


The price of your exhibition space includes :

  • Wood partitions 3 meters high and 1 meter wide. The panels are covered with brushed cotton with fabric baseboards for a quality finish.
  • Gray carpet on the floor (NB: The carpet of the aisles will be black).
  • 1 spot of 70w for 3 m2 (spot quantity will be rounded down).
  • 1 electric box per booth.
  • 1 sign.

Additional options

The demand for additional m² is subject to evaluation by the organizers in an effort to optimize the space.
For any booth bigger than 56m2, we apply a discount of 10% on the price on the additional m².
m2 × = 0 HT
Each partition is 3 meters tall and 1 meter long. For more meters, please make a request in the heading “note”
NB: If no preference requested, white will be given.
Storage on your stand with curtain : 90€/sqm = 0 HT
The reserve is an integral part of the area of your stand
Ex. 16sqm of booth + 1sqm of reserve = 16sqm
sqm × 120€ = 0 HT
Reserve not on the booth
× 70€ = 0 HT

Your furniture wishes

max 4 per booth
max 2 per booth

Summary of your order

Booth 0€ HT 0€ TTC
Additional options

- additional m² :
- Additional partition :
- Additional Spots 70W :
- Locked storage (m2) :
- Storage (m2) :
- Additional double color page :

0€ HT 0€ TTC
Fees free
Com Kit 160€ HT 192€ TTC
Catalog 160€ HT 192€ TTC
Total 0€ HT 0€ TTC

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