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1st contemporary art fair in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.


The primary purpose of a contemporary art fair is above all that of being a meeting place. ART FAIR // DIJON was born after talking to gallery owners and collectors hoping for a return to the basics; where conviviality would be the central issue, the bearer of meetings and possible futures. We do not claim to revolutionize the art sector, but alongside these actors, we share with them the urgent need to give meaning and soul to the art fair gatherings.

Because the gallery owner is above all the defender of the artists he exhibits, their spokesperson. More than a merchant, he invests his passion in the service of the subtle links that bind him to the artist. Replacing this alchemy back at the very center of our Fair seems obvious to us. All the gallery owners present are selected by certain criteria, whose artistic line follows the commitments and strong intentions of the Fair. Collaborating with museums, institutions and foundations, these other essential actors in the art world are a part of the foundation of the Fair.

Promoting young creation is the second essential pillar in our selection. These galleries have an important reputation as they represent international artists and participate in international exhibitions. But they also support and defend local artists where they practice thus supporting new ideas and new concepts by playing the role of influencers in the world of art. Confronting a younger generation with established artists is one of the projects defended by ART FAIR // DIJON.


Land of artists and collectors, Bourgogne Franche-Comté is ideal for embodying this new Fair. A Fair full of life where we will highlight publishers, whom are real promoters and interlocutors in the world of art. Our artistic committee will reward the talents of tomorrow with the “Art Fair Dijon prize”. Creators, gallery owners, art lovers, collectors and the curious will be at the center of raising awareness of art, which is an action that is dear to ART FAIR // DIJON.

As Danton proclaimed: "We need audacity, more audacity, always audacity ..."

Jean-Marc Bassand
Founder of Art Fair // Dijon


An interesting part of the future of the art economy is played out by artists and gallery owners who defend sharp forms - without being elitist - and who think of art and collecting well beyond decoration or placement, but rather on a ground between poetry, research, spectacular or political ...

Bringing the gallery owners together and sharing their visions to collectors brings audacity and forward thinking to the heart of the collections. Art Fair // Dijon intends to make the art collection accessible.

Having big dreams while being firmly anchored in our land, we can continue to defend the works for what they bring us beyond their ornamental strength. We wish to believe that they are still artifacts that will change the world for the better, that a collection always surpasses its decorative and financial aspect, that it can be an object scrutinizing both the past and the future, deploying the collector in space, more than an autobiography, a tool of knowledge.

**FOCUS ART FAIR // DIJON** **Belgium in the spotlight:**

From Marcel Broodthaers to Wim Delvoye, from Jan Fabre to Francis Alÿs, Belgian artists have deeply marked the world art scene for many years. Art Fair // Dijon highlights Belgian galleries that will be a part of this lineage where the singularity and sensibility is mixed with baroque and humor.

Art editing - to start or continue your collection:

Art publishers do a titanic job of making the works of emerging and established artists accessible for acquisition, by cooperating with them. From serial objects to lithography, including all image reproduction techniques, from the simple variation of an original work, publishing is a real creative challenge for many artists, and it’s also a blossoming marked.

Artistic Director of Art Fair // Dijon


“The rural areas are our new capitals”
Here, the "rurban", an antinomic neologism mixing "rural" and "urban", will be understood as a place of desire and emergence, of welcome and resilience, held between city and countryside. It is also the territory where innovative practices seem to be reborn, but also where many artists live and create.
Our intentions seem to have turned on themselves, like a glove being taken off, and the skyline of mega-cities is now behind us.

“The works are the artefacts on the surface of which the world comes to change”
Beyond their ornamental functions, the works exist, loaded with meaning, going beyond their forms, their physical limits. These original objects connect us as much to the intelligence and sensitivity of those who created them as to what we perceive beyond them. Appropriating them means making a connection with the artists and their intentions.

“The art collection is the most beautiful of the compasses to measure the world”
Whether decorum or financial investment for the layman, the collection always goes beyond trivial dimensions. Collecting is not just about enabling creation by supporting it. A collection is above all a complex object, peering both in the past and in the future, deploying the collector on its walls, more than an autobiography, it is a tool of knowledge.

  • By Raphaël Charpantié, artistic director *


The Art Fair // Dijon "PERSPECTIVE" program offers spectators major or unique works in a remarkable scenography at the entrance to the fair.
Among the exhibitors to discover during this exceptional exhibition you will find:

The Nosbaum Reding gallery in Luxembourg will exhibit:

  • Damien Deroubaix
  • Stephan Balkenhol
  • Peter Zimmermann

Valerius Gallery in Luxembourg will exhibit :

  • Raymond Hains

The Jean Greset gallery in Besançon will exhibit :

  • Robert Schad

Fondation CAB de Bruxelles will exhibit :

  • Julien Saudubray

The Tchikebe gallery in Marseille will exhibit :

  • Julien Prévieux
  • Jean-Luc Moulène

Galerie PJ de Metz will exhibit :

  • James HD Brown

Galerie Robet Dantec, Belfort will exhibit :

  • Léah Desmousseaux


Fondation pour l'Art Contemporain Claudine et Jean Marc Salomon
Art foundation- Annecy (FR)
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Barbara Polla - Analix Forever
Galerist - Geneva (CH)
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Alex Reding - Nosbaum Reding
Galerist - Luxembourg (LU)
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Jean Christophe Arcos
Curator, critic, Provence Art Contemporain Executive officer (FR)
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