Edition 2022 - Under the influence of Neon

Edition 2022

For ART FAIR // DIJON 2021, everything had to be done so that this "premier cru" initiated in the capital of Bourgogne becomes a "grand cru". A new experience, instructive encounters and new friendships launched this daring adventure. Collectors and art lovers have praised the quality and seriousness of the galleries represented.

For this 2022 edition, our project is therefore to perpetuate these good intentions through strong actions and an identity specific to our ideas.
An Artistic Director from the region, with significant experience in the art world, has joined the organization with, at his side, an enlarged artistic committee and strongly involved in his role as adviser to the fair.
In order to pay homage to the different currents that have marked the artistic eras, ART FAIR // DIJON will promote a medium each year. Neon will be honored during this 2022 edition. It will embody the common thread and the major theme of the OFF animations and exhibitions organized by the fair during the weekend of September 30 to October 2.

The “Perspective” section will be renewed for this second edition. Faithful to our role of supporting artistic creation, we will grant publishers of art books a very special place at the heart of the fair. The celebration of the vineyard will take place through "Art and Wine" event which will also be present at ART FAIR // DIJON 2022 thanks to the partnerships of many regional estates,
To highlight these developments and novelties, the area occupied by the fair will be increased and will go from a space of 2,800m2 to a space of 5,800m2. Thus, the artistic, historical and wine-growing heritage of an entire region will henceforth be welcomed during the major event that will become ART FAIR // DIJON.

Jean-Marc Bassand
Founder and Director