The place of publishers in the contemporary art market

The place of publishers in the contemporary art market
Museums, fairs and galleries are not the only major players in the art world. In recent years, art publishers have also contributed to the full development of the contemporary art market. Under-valued for a long time because it was considered a simple process of copying works, art publishing is now extremely popular with young collectors and more experienced ones.

What is art publishing?
Art publishing is the production of limited quantities of artworks using precise and meticulous techniques. The main techniques of art publishing are silk-screen printing, lithography or engraving which ensure an extremely qualitative result of the works produced. The works are very often numbered and signed by the artist who maintains a close relationship with his publisher.

Why is art publishing successful/popular ?
Art editions are accessible to a wider public thanks to their more affordable prices. They represent a strategic starting point for young collectors looking to enrich their collections.
Thanks to art editions, artists have the possibility to increase the diffusion of their works but also their visibility among art lovers.
Finally, since art editions are limited, the possibility of obtaining a rare work of art stimulates the desire of collectors to acquire it.

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