Light art is a form of visual art that uses light as a medium of expression.
The art of playing, experimenting and creating with light goes back several centuries. Shadow theaters or stained glass art come to life when light is present, whether it is daylight or artificial light. The light art has been multiplied in various techniques over the years along with innovations.

The technological and scientific innovation of electric lighting revolutionized the use of light in art at the end of the 19th century. Artists had a new tool of expression. The light is no longer revealing the art, the light is the art, it is encapsulated in the work. This is exactly what the technique of light painting associated with photography, which also dates back to the late 19th century, consists of. By moving a light source over a given period of time during a photographic shot, the artist can immortalize the movement of the light in a photograph. The first artistic use of light painting was by the Swiss artist Jacques Pugin.

The use of fluorescent tubes, neon lights or diffuse lights are also part of the range of techniques of light art. Famous artists like Picasso or Man Ray have also experimented with these techniques.

Today we offer you the possibility to discover a selection of works by contemporary artists on the theme of light art.

Be creative! The attractiveness of light painting lies in its accessibility. If you have a flashlight and a camera at your disposal, have fun experimenting with the light painting technique. In a dark room, with your family, friends or alone, let your creativity run free.