Art Fair Dijon 2020

More information about the fair

1st international contemporary art fair, the new "must go to" event in the east of France !
June 25th to 28th 2020, at the "Parc des Expositions et des Congrès de Dijon"

The crossroad of contemporary art

for professionals and collectors, but also for amateurs of art and for the curious.

Art Fair // Dijon presents a fresh look at contemporary art. At the crossroads of cultures, in an innovative spirit, Art Fair // Dijon will be much more than a tradeshow !
As the first event of this type organized in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, it will display and unveil contemporary art in all its forms: sculpture, painting, video, drawing, engraving, photography ... with a hint of street art. A subtle combination of the traditional and modern, thanks to the presence of more than 60 gallerists and artists from France, and world wide. In addition to the local galleries, the fair wish to bring well-known foreign galleries so that the specter of galleries and art works will be as large as possible. The galleries will expose art from a balanced mix between young and established artists to collectors, connaissors and to the general public; with the opportunity to sell their art. Among the artist, you will find well-known; local, national and international artists but also new ones to discover.

This is an opportunity to represent our region and also to present local contemporary art beyond our borders !

This is a chance to discover, emotions and creativity, in a unique atmosphere. The visitors will have the opportunity to contemplate works proposed by the gallery owners, to attend daily artistic shows, to discover contemporary art or to admire live street art performances. Putting contemporary art and the artists in the highlight, is the main intention of the organizers.

These three days will take place in a warm and friendly atmosphere with a restaurant / bar area, entertainment ... and an outstanding wine bar for a sparkling and prestigious notes like the wines of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté!

Culture is at the heart of our vision ...

With more than 15 years of experience in organizing various events throughout France, we have been keen for many years to create an event that exhibit contemporary art and street art.
Boldness and courage are two factors that are more than present in Millenium's mindset and launching this event is an exciting challenge.

A challenge we accept and treasure: organize and launch new projects. Born from Jean-Marc Bassand passion of art in all its forms, the fair "Art Fair Dijon" is an absolute logic step in the evolution of Millenium. Dijon with its cultural, artistic and rich history, located in the heart of the region Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, was for us the obvious choice to give birth to this project.